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Unable to launch launcher

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I'm unable to launch the launcher for the first time. I have restarted my PC as well as removed the file and redownloaded the launcher.exe
The file size is 1.34 MB. I'm not sure what other info I can provide as it does not show any error and simply will not open.

DxDiag.txt Magnifier (82.3 KB) Backer jaegern, 05/12/2016 08:03 AM


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hi there,
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Hello, could you please provide us more information about your PC? Such as Windows version, .NET Framework version, etc.? Uploading DxDiag file would be appropriate first step here:

#3 Updated by Backer jaegern over 3 years ago

Windows 10 home.

#4 Updated by Miroslav Louma over 3 years ago

The launcher should work out-of-box on Windows 10. Could you please take a look at Application event log using Event Viewer?

Look for events with Source similar to: Application Error, Windows Error Reporting or .NET Runtime (you may use the filtering explained on website above). In the details launcher.exe or GameLauncher.exe should be mentioned.

Then, if possible, save these events by selecting them and using context-menu (right clicking) or clicking right pane on Save selected events button. Then upload saved file here.

You could copy-paste contents of these events here, but that would be more tedious for you. Also *.evtx files contain more information that could tell us, why the launcher does not work on your system.

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Solved in a different way. :)

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