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07:53 AM Kingdom Come: Deliverance Bug #731: Cannot interact with essential character


03:19 PM Kingdom Come: Deliverance Bug #756 (New): Completely stuck within Main quest and Pestilence quest, unable to complete either
I've completed Questions And Answers by killing the guard and the bandit and stealing the letter. Now I am unable to ...


07:24 PM Kingdom Come: Deliverance Feedback #734 (New): Remove the teleport from the intro
Instead of teleporting Henry in the intro, have him be restricted by the initial fog of war, just like he's restricte...
01:19 AM Kingdom Come: Deliverance Bug #729 (New): Rain performance
Rain completely destroys my fps even with Weather and Particle effects set to Low. Motion blur is set to off.


10:09 PM Kingdom Come: Deliverance Bug #728 (New): Viper's nest crashing
Game keeps crashing at random points during the quest after infiltrating into the bandit camp dressed as a Cuman
09:18 PM Kingdom Come: Deliverance Bug #727 (New): Sophie's wedding - Guard dialogue bug
If you come to Talmberk after completing the mission where you're sent to Divish for reinforcements and a guard calls...
05:59 AM Kingdom Come: Deliverance Bug #723 (New): Animal behaviour (hunting)
When hunting animals often do not notice you even when you are walking right next to them.
They do not react to ...

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