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10:49 AM Kingdom Come: Deliverance Bug #295: burning arrows screwiness
I noticed the following, too:
- being in a fight burning arrows results in torch animation without torch being put i...
10:44 AM Kingdom Come: Deliverance Bug #314 (Acknowledged): No drawn sword/torch (graphical) when unequip and equip these items
When drawing sword and torch together (1) and
then go to item menue and
unequip one of them and
then go out o...
10:40 AM Kingdom Come: Deliverance Bug #313 (Acknowledged): No Player stats changed according to selected item if swapped previous i...
Swapping one item to the horse (pressing X) results in selecting the next item on the list.
This next item is not se...
10:35 AM Kingdom Come: Deliverance Bug #312 (Acknowledged): Staying in Fight-Mode without enemies (no sleeping, saving)
After a battle during the bandit camp observation mission after killing all soldiers the character stays in battle:


05:25 PM Kingdom Come: Deliverance Bug #311 (Acknowledged): No Talk to "Timmy's sister" possible
If I talk to Timmy's sister while she is asleep at night (the bandit quest) and she awakes and says me to
have a con...
05:22 PM Kingdom Come: Deliverance Bug #310 (Acknowledged): No Knock out and character freeze
While crouching (c) and staying behind someone holding the knock-out-key (F) when "Knock out" flashes in the lower ri...
05:05 PM Kingdom Come: Deliverance Support #309 (Acknowledged): Game Crashes while loading on every savegame (existing bug) -> loade...
I noticed that previous crashes on failed loading save games happened a lot
while loading save games during a battle...

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