Bug #772

Stealth skill not leveling as intended

Added by Backer inter0 almost 2 years ago.

Steam or Launcher:


Game version 1.2.5.
Hello. I would like to report a bug. My Henry is no longer able to level his Stealth skill in the primary manner.
The player's Stealth skill description states: "It is improved by moving stealthily in the vicinity of an enemy." This was true for my Henry until a day or two ago. I can not confirm but I believe the bug originated when I bothered to learn Pickpocketing from Peshek. My Henry's Stealth skill level at that time was late 2/early 3. As of now, my Henry can only increase his Stealth skill amount by pickpocketing or doing takedowns. I have tried "moving stealthily in the vicinity" of a variety of enemies on many occasions since I noticed this bug but the Stealth skill's progression percentage has never advanced.
Troubleshooting: moving stealthily in combinations of upright, crouched, slow or normal speed; in various distances ranging from arrow range to interactable range; enemies included bandits, Cumans, and ordinarily lawful NPCs who immediately reacted hostilely to my presence once I was discovered; enemy statuses included both sleeping and awake.
Thank you for your attention.

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