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Questions and Answers - impossible to proceed with main quest

Added by Backer godfather almost 2 years ago.

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Problem: Radzig tells me to go talk to merchant near Rovna, but there is no quest marker to lead me to him. And even if I go to the area myself, I don't see anything there and I can't interact with anything.

More info on how I got to this point:
After I attempted to question the captured Cuman prisoner, Melichar told me to help cure the disease in Merhojed first.
So i went ahead and completed the pestilence quest. I determined the disease was caused by water poisoning, and I brewed the right potion for the cure.
After I gave the cure to all villagers. I also interrogated the prisoner, and sent him to Rattay.

After all this, I went and talked to Radzig, briefing him on everything that happened. Then he says something like "you should go find the merchant. but first, I want to tell you something". then he just kind of walks away and nothing happens.
There's no quest marker. I'm told to go see the merchant, but I can't. I looked up online where the location is, and I went there. Apparently, I'm supposed to interact with certain things, like the blood on the floor. I see the blood, but I can't interact with it. The quest is totally stuck :(

I would attach a saved game file, but it excees 5 MB.
Please HELP.

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