Feedback #766

Feedback, tweaks & solutions to combat system problems

Added by Backer dpacm almost 2 years ago.



Problems, tweaks and feedback for combat system:

  • AI ripostes and master blocks too often,
  • Dodging is worse than blocking, needs a longer counter attack oppertunity window after dodging, would benefit light armour builds
  • When outnumbering Henry AI needs to be less passive
  • Fists are far too deadly, can kill a plate armoured Henry or Guard easily with fists (because blunt damage?)
  • Sabres are useless and have no niche, need more slash damage for damage against light/no armour foes
  • Polearms lack variety, feel undeveloped and don't work well in combat
  • Plate/heavy armour should mostly resist slash damage forcing use of thrust/blunt attacks
  • Arrows are too slow in the air
  • Firing multiple shots with a bow should cause fatigue/drain stamina as it should realisticly
  • Bow should be more centred so Henry's view is looking down the sight
  • AI doesn't rush towards, zig-zag or put shield up at Henry when being shot or aimed at
  • Weapons and armour need general damage,defence, weight and price balancing

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