Bug #765

Player health cannot fall below ONE

Added by Backer h3rby almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

Steam or Launcher:


The bug — Henry cannot fall below one health, therefore, cannot die. No matter what I try, I cannot die. Somehow – one health is the current bottom floor for health in my game. I can lose health, but only down to 1, where it stays. Very frustrating. Invincibility is kind of game-breaking. I have 80 hours or so of gameplay and I do not know when this started, but it must have been sometime after the Runt fight. I died many times trying to defeat Runt.


#1 Updated by Backer h3rby almost 2 years ago

One additional note. It does seem this may have started after completing the "Saintly Remains" quest. I forgot to take the relic back to the place where I got it, and the guard who set me on the quest attacked me because of this. When he did, he beat me quickly, but I didn't die. I had one health. I bandaged up and slept it off. Now, many hours later, I realize I still cannot die. I don't know if it started there, or if that fight was just another example.

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