Bug #748

A Bird in the Hand: third trap disapearing

Added by Backer turielo over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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When hunting for the nightingales for A Bird in the Hand... quest, the two traps are OK, but when dropping the third and wait, it disapear. Tha marker is set on its loction, the nightingale chant is not longer heard, yet no trap. So I cannot finish the quest.
Reloading won't change anything, I tried waiting (like the two first trap), hunting for a while and come back, even staying in place. This last move is the weirdest, as the trap is definitely visible, and after a few minutes waiting, I start approching it, it vanished as well as the nightingale scream, and the marker appears, but no more trap visible.


#1 Updated by Backer pavelperina over 1 year ago

It can't be reliably reproduced, but it's bugged in several ways:
  • sometimes it's possible to complete: load saved game after killing bandits, drop first trap, go 100m away, wait one hour, repeat -> success. Might depend of proper drop position.
  • sometimes second trap just disappears
  • sometimes horse is teleported few hundreds meters and map marker for trap is set there as well. Trap disappers
  • i guess trap disappears after few hours as well, but I can't confirm. I had to run away from bandits, cumans, discovered random hunting spots and waited to the morning cause it got very dark.
  • game is not saved on quest completion (so i lost another 40 minutes of progress and have to redo it :( )

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