Bug #746

House Of God quest broke Mainquest?

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I did House of God quest given by sir Davish. After found out that Zmola is to blame quest end succesfully (although I was supposed to find him in a mill and he wasn't there, nore Lashek)
When I got All that Glisters much later, I'm supposed to talk to the countermaster about quicksilver. He tells me to ask his assistant Zmola. The quest marker is set on the location where Zmola is supposed to be, but as I completed House of God, no one is here and I can't pursue the quest.
I did spoke to almost everyone after House of God about Zmola doing, but the countermaster kept his default dialogue answer to "talk to his assistant" anyway.


#1 Updated by Backer turielo over 1 year ago

21th february: I tried one more time after last patch downloaded, and the guy who replace Zmola is there, so I can continue the quest. I’ve never met the guy before, even after talking to everyone in the Monastery. I guess the patch put things back in order, or something like that. Problem solved for me, and for future playthrough too I hope!

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