Bug #737

Hans Capon (Ptáček) follows me everywhere

Added by Backer mirjar almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

Steam or Launcher:


It started after stable incident. Anywhere I go, Hans follows me and interrupts talking to someone, sleeping, waiting or fast travelling.
I have version 1.2.2 from the beginning. This is version I installed, I didn't update. I use steam version.
Also I cannot talk to him. When this happend first time, I talk to him about visiting baths, but I was killed.
After loading game from the point before I talked with him, I am not able to press "E" button if I point on him.
No way to talk, pickpocket or anythink. He is just there, standing and doing nothing.

Zacalo to po tom masakri v stajni. Ptacek stale chodi za mnou a prerusuje rozhovory, spanie, cakanie aj rychle presuny.
Moja prva instalacia bola uz verzia 1.2.2, pouzivam steam.
Neda sa s nim uz ani rozpravat. Prvy krat ked sa to stalo tak sa mi este dalo, chcel ist do kupelov. Lenze som bol zabity a hru som musel nacitat z momentu pred tym rozhovorom o kupeloch. Odvtedy nemozem ani stlacit E, nedava mi dole v pravom rohu tu napovedu, ze ked stalcim E, alebo podrzim E, cize nie je tam ani okradnutie. Proste tam len postava a nic nerobi.


#1 Updated by Backer mirjar almost 2 years ago

After reloading older save, before we went hunting, fixed this bug. Looks like this is not happening always.

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