Bug #71

Game stops responding during store transactions

Added by Backer prometheus almost 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

Steam or Launcher:


The male merchant at the Inn in Talmberg seems to be lagging out or something similar. He reacts normally at first but when I choose "shopping" it takes about 6-8 seconds for the trade window to open. Then if I buy an item that is a single item, it is okay, but if I buy an item that requires choosing a quantity, and the quantity box pops up, when I choose a quantity and hit "E" to add the quantity to the basket, the pop-up window dims and the game locks up. I decided to see if the lock-up was permanent, so I left the game in that mode with the box dimmed out and went for a smoke. When I came back 5 minutes later, the transaction had finally went through and I was able to purchase the items in my basket. So it seems rather than a full lock-up of the game, it is a very very long pause. When I used ctrl+alt+delete to bring up task manager, it showed the game as "not responding" but it obviously did respond after a very long wait.


#1 Updated by Backer fotomensch almost 4 years ago

the same problem occured to me. if i got it right it looks like that happens when i put several apples into the basket. at least that happend to me 3 times before i gave up

#2 Updated by Daniel Zadák almost 4 years ago

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Hello prometheus, fotomensch,

I forwarded the issue to the appropriate person to work on a fix.



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