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License not verified / Steam client is not running

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Baron backer from kickstarter. Haven't tried playing alpha/beta until now. I got my steam beta key from site profile, entered it on steam and downloaded the beta client. However, when I launch it, the KC splash screen shows up, disappears, then I get an error message. Title of error box says "License not verified" and actual message states "Steam client is not running" even though through steam is how I launched it.

Suggestions on how to fix this so I can check out beta before launch? Is it no longer playable, or if I didn't get client before Aug 17 am I unable to now??

-I have no kcd.log file in the game directory. Have attached dxdiag though.
-Wasn't sure whether to select steam or launcher for issue category.

DxDiag.txt Magnifier (93.2 KB) Backer garikduvall, 12/12/2017 06:42 PM


#1 Updated by ProkyBrambora (QA Team) almost 2 years ago

I just need you to confirm some basic info.

Have you definitely started and logged in to steam client before launching the game?
Our game is able to start the client, but it might not be in time, which would lead to this message.

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