Bug #675

Crashes during first cinematic, as well as graphic popping

Added by Backer brov about 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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I have just purchased the game and have tried to play the game multiple times.

I have gtx1080ti and the LOD loading is popping up and down constantly even during the cinematic, even on medium graphic settings.

The game keeps crashing during the opening cinematic, or whilst riding the horse at the start. I can't get much past about 1 min of gameplay
I thought might be a 4K issue so I played in 1080p on medium graphics and the same thing happens.

It is unplayable right now.

KCD Build(1) 23 May 17 (23 30 11).log Magnifier (4.24 KB) Backer brov, 05/23/2017 12:01 PM

KCD Build(1) 23 May 17 (23 20 09).log Magnifier (4.24 KB) Backer brov, 05/23/2017 12:01 PM

kcd.log Magnifier (4.24 KB) Backer brov, 05/23/2017 12:01 PM (2.79 MB) Backer brov, 05/23/2017 07:37 PM


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Hi, thank you for the log files.

Unfortunately they don't show much.

You can try generate .dmp file by following these steps:
- Locate file system.cfg in Your game directory.
- Open the file in some plain ASCII text editor. Like notepad. No Word!!!
- Add line containing "sys_WER = 2" (without the quotes)
- Save the changes
- Run the game

Now, when there will be some problem leading to crash, it will close the game quietly instead, and create a file \user_kingdomcome\ce2dump.dmp
if not, it may mean Your windows installation is not typical/complete. Try to download and install

Also make sure:
you have latest drivers (sound/graphic)
your OS is updated and that you have latest service pack.

Some backers also had success by trying older graphic card drivers. After all the Beta was not updated since a year ago, so it might have some problems with newer hardware.

#3 Updated by Backer brov almost 2 years ago

I have zipped the folder just in case you wanted other files in there.
This time the game crashed about 20 seconds in to the opening cinematic.

#4 Updated by ProkyBrambora (QA Team) almost 2 years ago

Thank you,
I have forwarded the logs and dump to our programmers.

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