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Black Screen Crash

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Hi Guys, I just want to start this email off by saying I have seen videos of this game and I am in total love with it, I have been waiting for something like this to come out for so long :) so I went and bought the Digital Deluxe Version as I want to support you guys as much as possible, ok, so, to the issue, I have downloaded the beta and it has installed 100% and seems fine, but when I actually launch the game from the launcher I just get a black windowed screen with some writing in the top left and top right corner, and from then on it stays on the screen along with the cursor, I have waited about 15 mins for it and still hasn't got passed that screen, I have checked the multiple solutions for this but have had no luck, my audio device is "Realtek High Definition Audio" and can not find any audio drivers to fix this problem, (if it is the audio drivers) and I have changed the few things in the cfg,file and still no luck :( I wish I could send you a screenshot but am currently in the progress of re-installing it to see if that works, I hope to hear form you guys soon, keep up the good work and support on the game! :)

kcd.log Magnifier (3.38 KB) Backer reeper012, 05/23/2017 07:31 AM

DxDiag.txt Magnifier (72.7 KB) Backer reeper012, 05/23/2017 07:34 AM


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sorry to hear that you have this problem.

Could you send us kcd.log file, which is located in your game directory?
Also your DxDiag.txt to see what hardware you are using.

Unfortunately I have no idea what exactly is happening.
If you have latest graphic/sound drivers, installed latest windows service pack and decent hardware, it should be all ok. But we do no longer update beta, which meant it might react to newer hardware unpredictably.

Only thing I can do right now is to create a bug report for our programmers so we know what issue users have and watch out for them.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves, firstly I'll need to have a look into the log and dxdiag.
Then we shall see.

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Thankyou very much for your fast reply and support, here are the folders as requested :)

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Update, I have been switched over to the Steam version and now the game still has the black screen with "Beta Access" in the top left and "Work in progress" in the top right, I can also hear the walking sounds when I press any of the "W,A,S,D keys and I have the cursor but still a black screen, I can also hear the ambient noise such as the birds in the background, but that's about it, still a black screen

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