Bug #666

User Interface crash: 3840 x 2160 / 43"

Added by Tom tnecek over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

Steam or Launcher:


When I set:
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Monitor: 43 inch (Philips BDM 4350)
Desc: I see only beginning of every line in the menu and can't do anything cause I can't see the rest of the menu. I need to press Alt - F4
The overall look in the menu is unnaturally close.
The problem with the scalable UI ?
Please help:)

20170515_064620.jpg (3.84 MB) Tom tnecek, 05/15/2017 04:47 AM

20170515_073912.jpg (3.59 MB) Tom tnecek, 05/15/2017 05:55 AM


#1 Updated by Tom tnecek over 2 years ago

Also when high resolution like 2560 x 1440 the Inventory can be seen in half :(
I can only play in 1920 x 1080 but I'm not using my monitor and my computer as I can play in 4K...

#2 Updated by ProkyBrambora (QA Team) over 2 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Investigating

I have forwarded your issue to our programmers.

We will let you know after we investigate it.

#3 Updated by ProkyBrambora (QA Team) over 2 years ago

Hi again,

We've had a discussion about your problem and it appears that should not be a issue in our game.
Have you tried setting your monitor (or whatever that monster is) at different display setting? it looks like your screen is zoomed right into the middle of the screen.

#4 Updated by Tom tnecek over 2 years ago

I'll try but I have dozens of games and I have never had problem like this,
I have lot of beta games from early access and as I said I never had problem like this,
So that's why this is this game's problem, because ALL beta, alpha and full games works perfectly on this computer in 4K.
If I will change some settings probably I'll have problems with everything except your game.
I'll try,
don't close this issue, today or tomorrow I will write what's going on,

#5 Updated by Tom tnecek over 2 years ago

"it appears that should not be a issue in our game."

But it is:) I showed you the pictures.
Even with playing with display settings the visuals during the game are unnaturally close in 4 K in 43 inch (standing in the village i see almost only water and not whole scene as you should see in normal 1920x 1080)
- so please don't write "should not be a issue in our game" - when there is.
And I wrote that in dozens of games and early access games - I have never had issue like this - so the problem is in your game.
If I had problems with other games with this monitor - ok - but I hadn't !!

#6 Updated by ProkyBrambora (QA Team) over 2 years ago

I am sorry you have this issue.

I have tested the game in 4K resolution and on big screen (approx. 70 inches), but I have not been able to reproduce it.

You can try forcing resolution via system.cfg.
Open your game folder
open system.cfg in a notepad and write in:
r_width = "800"
r_Height = "600"

or whatever resolution you want

Then delete your user_kingdomcome files (also in the game directory)
and start the game.

and if you run into problem with fullscreen
you can set it by: r_fullscreen = 0 or 1

But as to the cause of this issue, we got no idea till we succeed in reproducing it.

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