Bug #657

Crash on reload of save file during farmer poisoning quest.

Added by Backer supercandy over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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For the quest of the poisoned farmer.
After consulting the lady that owns the tavern the tavern to help her get the farmer to apologize for saying that she poisoned his food,
and after speaking to the farmer about it, the speaking to his wife, then i found the rotten meat in the farmers house.
At this point i saved before inquiring with the farmers wife about the meat, after her response the game crashed, now whenever I reload the save file the game crashes.

default_save0019.meta (185 Bytes) Backer supercandy, 05/06/2017 08:23 AM

default_save0019.whs (860 KB) Backer supercandy, 05/06/2017 08:24 AM


#1 Updated by ProkyBrambora (QA Team) over 2 years ago

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This is an issue we are aware about. It is one of the reasons we decided to rework the save/load feature for the final release.

Also it is possible that if you dont delete the saved game the game might crash even if you start a new game.
Unfortunately we are no longer going to update the beta version so this wont get fixed till release.

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