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Crash at Pribyslavitz sabotage

Added by Backer Airimo over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Hello, I have been playing KCD this week and I found out crash at 3 AM game time at Pribyslavitz sabotage quest. First time I loaded the game, do the sabotage Q and went back to report the results. Game suddenly crashed somewhere in the woods. I tried previous saved games, but always the same happened. So than I reinstalled the game, deleted all the local content and started a new game. I run straight to this Q and i got the crash exactly at 3AM again. No matter if I managed to reach a village (Merhojed for example) or I stayed in Pribyslavitz killing some bandit guards or wait some time, the game always crash at 3AM for me.


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Let me get this stright.
The game crashed at 3AM next day after starting the game?
Or does it crash at 3AM after taking the quest?

But anyway, in beta there is a problem with save/load system, which is going to be reworked for the final game.
have you tried to play the game without using any saves (and having all saved games deleted)?

#2 Updated by Backer Airimo over 2 years ago

Yea next day after taking Q. I was exploring the world weeks before and learning the combat, but never done the main quest and game was not crashing at all (just occasionally). First I noticed there is some pattern in crashes after killing the 2 cummans in woods before Pribyslavitz. As I wrote in first post, I tried to reinstall the game and play a new game without save/load and the same happened to me again... Mby its something in my settings. I can try one more time fresh game without saving...

#3 Updated by ProkyBrambora (QA Team) over 2 years ago

Crashes tend to not be exactly the same unless you have some old saves in the save folder ("game folder"/user_kingdomcome/whgame)

Otherwise its really strange.

You could try turning your graphic setting down, some people claimed it helped them with crashes.
Also make sure your graphic drivers are up to date

Unfortunately, though, we wont be able to fix any crashes as we do not plan to release any update to the beta. And our dev version is so much different that reproducing this issue for fixing will be impossible.

#4 Updated by Backer Airimo over 2 years ago

I understand, just wanted to report it in case some others experiencing same issue at certain game time. I already lowered my graphics from very high to high, nothing helped. I will start a new game and do sth else, no problem.

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