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Black screen and failing to uninstall

Added by Backer alexianperera almost 3 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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Hello the team and first thank you for your work !

I've seen this problem on another tread but never eard about any problem when hitting "uninstall the game". If it exist, my bad.
So here the issue : after the intro about the background story, some very cool picture, etc.. the windows go blackout : "work in progress" in a corner, "Beta" in another, I see my cursor (who changed to go like he is supposed to be when I playI guess) until I click on the window.

I've tried to uninstall but I get a message that the application cannot work and to give my feedback to the support team.

When I installed the game, two times an error message appeared because some files haven't been able to be installed/Downloaded. I clicked to tetry and each time never eard about it anymore.

Also I cannot find any DxDiag-file I'm sorry.

Hope to your feedback !


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To get things clear.
Are these the issues you encountered?

1) black screen after initial video
2) Error massage after trying to uninstall the game
3) Error message after trying to install the game when it was already installed

Solution to the first issue is most probably updating your sound driver or trying older version of it (briefly discussed here:

solution to the second and third issue might be bit complicated. We will think of something and let you know.

#2 Updated by Backer alexianperera almost 3 years ago

3) Error message when I installed the game. I clicked on "try again" and seems like no problem. The downloading haven't stopped either.

I just talk about it to maybe create a link with another problem.

I am trying to install another sound driver just to see if it works ; i keep you in touch !

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