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Quest Sick Bastard

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It is frustrating if you don´t get a message that the quest is failed. The weak part of the quest is the fisherman and the herbwoman. If you don´t get the infos from them (your stats to low)you can´t finish the quest properly. The problem is you can only ask them once to get the right answer, after this you have no chance to get the true out of Jerry. In the end you need a info that the quest is failed or you will search for hours for additional information to finish the quest. That´s frustrating or a bug...

Alternative ending of the quest. There is no!!!
You get money to find a prove that Marrianna has poisend him. But there is no talking option to put (addtional blame on her). I tried to give poisen and rotten food into the pot in the tavern. The three people (whoe ate the stuff) get ill, but no reaction from anyone else. Normally this should be a "prove" that Marrianna poisend Jerry, and give new talking option at the ballif. It should be possible to fake "fakts" to finish the quest in another way.

Poisening Jerry. It should be an option to give Jerry poisen and not the antidot. :-)
Or at least if you wait too long the antidot goes bad, "and the shit gets even worse" if he drinks the "medicine". I´m not a fan of Jerry... ;-)

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Hi Blacksmith,
this last few months we are doing nothing else then fixing quests and optimizing.
Sick bastard in beta had many issues but thanks to the past months this quest had been polished and fixed to the state as designed and imagined by our glorious design department.

I cannot say what exactly can you do in the quest right now (i haven't tasted it) but I fully believe that my colleagues did everything in their power to make the quest the best version of itself.

Thank you for caring

#2 Updated by Backer blacksmith almost 3 years ago

Hi Proky!

Is there any other Quest from the beta you need some feedback?

I think Sick Bastard = q_sikBas is the only sidequest from the beta which made it into the final...? Or have you renamed some? Looking at the list of quests... :-)

#3 Updated by ProkyBrambora (QA Team) almost 3 years ago

Another quest that made it into final game is Lost key.
But this quest was already finished and is well functioning.

Right now we are trying to change as little as possible and focus only on finishing quests so they work as by current design.
So you can write a feedback (i cant really stop you, can I?) but I fear it will be wasted effort.

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(i cant really stop you, can I?)

There is always hope... :-)
My intention was always to help to make this game great again...
If there is anything I can test or help with, just say a word. ;-)

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