Bug #626

General Cutsceen Inventory Problem

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It´s a general problem with the cutsceens (not only at the battle #625).
If you are in the inventory and a cutsceen starts you get a mix between the cutsceen and the inventory background layer.
This is possible if the cutsceen is triggert by a timer (end of battle) or event (enter the mine of Reeky). Only if the cutsceen starts by dialog, you can´t be at the same time in the inventory.

Possible fixes: Close first the inventory(automatically), or change the priority of the inventory layer.

P.S To enter the trigger zone at Reekys mine you have to ride and change in the last moment into the inventory...

screenshot0038.jpg - at Reekys mine (246 KB) Backer blacksmith, 01/30/2017 08:36 PM

screenshot0010.jpg - at the battle (439 KB) Backer blacksmith, 01/30/2017 08:41 PM


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This issue was already solved some time back... partially though , as I have just learned.
Because apart from alpha/beta the time while in inventory is now heavily slowed, which means the effect can be seen only after a loooong time in the inventory.

Thanks for the report!

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