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Report to Sir Robart about Pribyslavitz (Information)

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There are some faults with the information you can give Sir Robart about the bandit camp.

First: If you only sneak on one side into the camp (never get info about entering the camp in the midle or the other side). But in the report you talk always about all three options to enter!
This is a info you never get!!!
Second: If you find the back "door" of the (bandit)camp or Cuman camp, you never report this to Robart. It should be an option to send some man from the back side, and attack the camp from two sides!
Third: You never report the status of the camp like sabotage the arrows (+how much) poisening the food (+how much) and killing bandits. And been uncovered or not (this is very important for the surprise moment at the attack!!)This are all information Sir Robart needs for a good plan.

The report should work more like a dialog. First you have to mention there are (many)cumans! Because if you report the number of the bandits, you don´t know if you are asked for Bandits+Cumans or only for the Bandits. ->The nummer is important for the reinforcement.

The ladder: You inform him about the ladders. But why the hell, he knows we will need them to siege the old church??? Henry never mention this.

Looks like the complete report needs a polish!

Starting the battle at night is a complete disaster. In the dark I haven´t found the camp before the battle ends... All the NPCs have nightvison...? But you have no chance to find anything. :-(


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Hi, I will send this feedback to designers

Reporting the sabotage already had some alterations.
Also the problem with night attack should be fixed.

Thank you for the report.

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