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Horse slow

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Hi. I have started a new game and had been riding arround the countryside for half a day. After that I did investigations in Talmberk. Then I wanted to ride to Reeky's hideout via the road, killed the cuman standing there and because I was overweight, I put the cumans belongings in the horse inventory.

Then the horse would not galopp anymore, I mean run. I could only run slowly. Holdung down shift made it run a but, but double tabbing it, did not make the horse run full speed. later i reloaded the game and I found it could only walk now.

The horse was at its carring capacity. But when I went to a merchant and sold most of the stuff it carried, it still would not go fast anymore.


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Your horse couldnt run because most likely he was also overburdened.
Why it stayed overburdened even after you sold all the stuff is probably thanks to the reloading.

Save/load system is frankly quite broken in beta and some states and even bugs are shared between saves.

I would recommend starting a new game or if it does not help, delete your saved game files
Save files are located at: "game directory"/userk_kingdomcome/whgame

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