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Good morning,
Since two days this error starts to appear as soon as I talk to someone.
The game freezes often (but this issue is already aknowledged), but when I approach people and speak to them having a long discussion (i.e. quest dialogues) the game freezes during the conversation and the error "DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG" appear forcing the game to be closed.
Maybe it's related to the beta version still unoptimized or something.

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hi there,
here are things you can try:

- update your drivers
- delete your saved games ("game folder"/user_kingdomcome/whgame)
- reinstall the game

And let us know wow it went

#2 Updated by Backer marcello about 3 years ago

Good evening,
Thank you so much for your response.
My curretn situation is this:
The graphic driver version is 373.06 released on 10/06 and currently is the latest;
I deleted entirely the folder where Kingdome Come was installed, not just the savegames;
Now I will download and install the game again, and all after this I'll let know if the problem persist.
Since "Cryengine error" was shown in the up edge of the error dialogue window, could it something to do with the beta version of the game itself?

Best Regards

#3 Updated by Backer marcello about 3 years ago

Good evening,
After downloading and reinstalling the game, I didn't have even the time to play the game that soon after the meeting with roland of talmber at the beginning of the game, this error appeared again and the game had to be closed.
I really have no idea what the cause could be.

Best Regards

#4 Updated by Tomáš Grünwald about 3 years ago

DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG usually means - device driver stops responding. Very probably our game renderer requests something, what the device driver or video card handles improperly. See Your windows logs, if the driver was restarted. Maybe You can even notice the system message when the game closes. If it is the case, the solution may be downgrade to older drivers. I don't know what Your graphics card is, but we already met several problems with AMD cards when the crimson drivers were released. They were resolved later, but until then we were forced to use older versions. Try, please, one or two previous driver versions.

#5 Updated by Backer marcello about 3 years ago

Good morning,
After a bit of research the 370 series of version by nVidia is causing a lot of issues among the nVidia users. The error message appear as soon as the game freezes. I tested the current driver version with other games I have and I came across different issues as well but not this grave as for KGD.
I will downgrade my graphic driver definetely and wait until the fix the 370 series.
By the way my graphic card is a Strix 980 Ti OC Edition, and according to other nVidia users, the 370 series doesn't work well with overclocked graphic cards.
I will keep you updated so that in the future other users that will experience my same issue will know how to handle it.

Best Regards

#6 Updated by Backer marcello about 3 years ago

Update: After downgrading the driver version to 368.81 and starting a new game everything seems to running smoothly withing the limits of the beta version of course.
Definetely the 370 version series of nVidia is "buggy" as a lot of other users agreed to.

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