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Can't download the game anymore

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Good evening,

Last week i reboot my computer cause i had some virus and i changed my graphic card (1060 gtx i hop i can play KC easy!). When i wanted to download the game again on my pc, it said that i have it.
How can i do to download again the game please?

Thank you

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please try first to uninstall the game. You should find it under "Programs and Features" in your Windows Control....

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The game is uninstall cause i reboot my computer. My computer is virgin, i have reload windows and everything. When i want to download the game again, the website tell me :
You already own or have a higher tier .

I think it considered that's a new computer or something like that.

Wich solution can i try please?

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Just go to your Profile Page continue to "MY Profile"

and Download the Launcher....

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