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Cant login to laucher

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Hey Guys

I recently bought the game and downloaded the laucher. When I try to login this error shows up: Zugriff verweigert(Ausnahme von HRESULT:0x80070005(E_ACCESSDENIED))


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Configuration of your system is non-standard. Launcher uses WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) internally, which by default requires administrator privileges. The error, you are experiencing, means that launcher was denied access to WMI. Generally, there could be two reasons, why this happens:
- The program using WMI is not run with administrator privileges (either by running under separate Windows user with administrator privileges, or by using UAC to gain administrator privileges)
- The user, under which the program trying to use WMI is running, does not have permission to access WMI

First one does not really apply to launcher, since the launcher executable has special setting indicating, that it requires administrator privileges. Windows recognizes this, so when launcher is started, and if UAC is enabled, the user is prompted to elevate launcher and grant it administrator privileges (that is why, it is redundant to use Run as administrator option when running launcher). Since you were able to start launcher, we can safely assume, that launcher was elevated to administrator privileges.

We believe that second reason is probably the one that is preventing you from using launcher. You should check, if the security settings for DCOM are correct.

Before explaining the steps to do this, we do have to warn you, that you should be careful with changing any system configuration. Also we are not aware of exact environment your computer is located in (e.g. a Windows domain). Since your system configuration is non-standard, we recommend consulting changes, we suggest below, with your system administrator.

Use this guide to set permissions for DCOM. Although the guide is for Windows XP, the dialogs are exactly same on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, except Start Menu and taskbar are different of course.

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