Bug #40

update issue

Added by Backer ello over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

Steam or Launcher:


when i start KCD - Beta Access i get the information about an update. WHen i want to install it, there is a popup "0a15f8cb2623499ea69a46c9c64cf82c.tmp - Kein Datenträger"
"Es befindet sich kein Datenträger im Laufwerk. Legen Sie einen Datenträger in Laufwerk H: ein."

Canceling results in the following: "Failed to start installation subsystem"

I tried starting the game from the bin folder, but when i try to do a sword fight the screen turns black and i hear the music. nothing ales than "alt-f4"ing...



#1 Updated by Daniel Zadák over 3 years ago

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#2 Updated by Backer ello over 3 years ago

today after pressing "cancel" for a few times and ignoring the warnings the update installed. strange...

#3 Updated by Miroslav Louma over 3 years ago

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Today (21.3.) we've released an update, which should fix this issue (the error window should no longer pop up). If this problem occurs again, please either create new issue or use this one. However, always include latest installation log file, which is created in system temporary directory (easily accessible by putting TEMP in File Explorer address bar). Name of the log file should look like this: KCD_Beta_Access_<date_and_time>.log (where <date_and_time> is date and time, when the installation has been started in launcher, in rather specific format).

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