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Horse disapears at talk

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If you ride a horse in the cuman camp(wear cuman clothes) and a cuman talks to you, the horse disapears.
Using not you "inventory" horse, this horse disapears complete (out of the world?).
Maybe there is no animation for talking from a horseback/ to a person on a horseback.

If "travelers" with horse come to the border of the beta, they can´t pass and the horse disapears.


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Hi there,
I dug into this and it appears that this "horse disappearing" thing a intentional, at least for now.
It should not make its way into the final release though.

#2 Updated by Backer blacksmith over 3 years ago

If this is intentional,a better way would be to unmount the player automatic when someone talks to him. Do not disappear the horse.
This would be only a "bug fix" for this situation, but much more intuitive than now.

#3 Updated by ProkyBrambora (QA Team) over 3 years ago

Automatic dismounting would probably generate even more bugs.

Additionaly it would be really awkward if you were riding and suddently started to automaticaly dismounting without even knoweing what is going on.
Right now it feels bad, but at least you know what happend, right away.

#4 Updated by Backer blacksmith over 3 years ago

I would do the unmounting in the third person view, like the dialoges. The whole thing should look like a scene/sequence.The dialoge starts (and the horse is in the background).
The advantage would be, that the horse doesn´t disappears (complete from the world!!!). The animations are available (the NPC mount and unmount also)and you don´t need new animations for talking from the horseback.

This solution is not good, but better than now.

The better way would be if a NPC talks to you (on horse) to have a decision to ignore him and ride away(or fight from the horseback), or to talk (and unmount)

Right now it feels bad,<


but at least you know what happend, right away.<

No, definitely not. The horse is away(out of the world), and you are bond in a dialoge. Bad design!!!

In real life it would be the same if you drive a car, and someone says stop (a bandit/or a policeman). Just in this moment you stand around and can´t move and your car has to cease to exist...???

#5 Updated by ProkyBrambora (QA Team) over 3 years ago

In our version you are able to call the horse back (if you are using your horse and not some other)

But anyway, this is just a tentative thing for the beta. Considering that only small percentage of beta testers will encounter it, its not really worth changing it.
But ofcourse, should this start to be a problem, we would have to have a look at that.

#6 Updated by Backer blacksmith over 3 years ago

For the beta it´s okay, but in the game we will have much more dialoges with people on horses. I think my feedback will be a better solution for this problem :-).

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