Bug #317

Npc getting stuck with no routine.

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today i played the game (it was not a new game), and i wanted to buy some arrows.
when i got to the tavern to buy some arrows i only saw the two tavern maidens, and not the one how sell arrows and bow...
i tried to relaunch the game and it didn't help.
so i tried to rest all night and wake up in the morning maybe it would help but when i cam to the tavern once more i realized the are kind of stuck.
its not that the routine was bugged i guess.
all the times i came to the tavern they stayed at the same place near the big table in front of all the small tables, and are not moving at all.
i can speak to then and buy food bot other then that i cant buy arrows and staff like that.


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Hi there,
We do have some problems with save/load. Also there are some issues with AI, I have ran into similar issue myself.
If you are asking for help, how to solve it. We cant help you, you will have to start a new game.
But if you are writing to let us know, we thank you and appreciate the effort.

This will surely will be taken care of.

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