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unable to do anything

Added by Backer grimleaf over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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After the quest "A Lesson in Chivalry" I am unable to do anything. Trying to walk the character will stop every few feet and I will have to lift up and press down on the movement keys, all UI's close almost immediately after opening it, drawing a weapon will show half the animation then go back to sheathed, calling the horse works but attempting to ride it shows the animation and then the horse disappears and character is back to walking, and no npcs will talk.


#1 Updated by ProkyBrambora (QA Team) over 3 years ago

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Hello there Grimleaf,
Did this happen on new game or was it a loaded position?

There is an issue with our save/load feature, because it sometimes brakes the game.

Thanks for reporting

#2 Updated by Backer grimleaf over 3 years ago

it was a new game, the quest completes when you beat the other person and you both sheath the weapons, that is when the issue happens. If I continue attacking and kill him then there is no issue, but then its a crime.

#3 Updated by ProkyBrambora (QA Team) over 3 years ago

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Ok, apparently this quest can lead to many bugs. See here #232

It should already be solved in our version of the game.
Thank you for the report

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