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Horse issues?

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Steam or Launcher:


Why is it that if Henry dismounts to fight on foot the enemies don't steal or kill the horse?

I've escaped death many times by whistling up the horse, then quickly turning, mounting and riding off leading Henry's enemies a merry chase. It would seem more realistic (if much harder for combat) if horse whistling didn't work during combat.

On sloping ground I've often seen the horse with two feet floating on air and the other two feet deep in the ground.

Holding down "W" and pressing and holding left-shift causes the horse to canter. Afterwhich "W" may be released. If the horse is on a road or an "approved" (doesn't work with all of them) path, the horse automatically follows the path (very handy that is for riding at night!) That seems to work well. However, apparently, holding down "W" (while mounted) then quickly hitting the shift key twice (and holding it down the second time) causes the horse to gallop until it's stamina runs out. However this is a bit hit or miss. If the "W" is released while galloping, sometimes the horse continues to gallop. Other times the horse slows to a canter (there's still plenty of horse stamina remaining). Sometimes I have to double press left-shift several times to initiate galloping.

I've seen youtube videos where apparently Henry is able to hold a lit torch while mounted - handy for night riding. I have yet to succeed at that feet. If I'm in the forest at night, my only hope appears to be using the map to navigate to a road (on foot with torch), then whistle up the horse and hope he appears behind Henry aligned for the road. If the horse IS road-aligned it's possible to engage road-following canter mode (left-shit + W). Otherwise, dismount run ahead a ways and try again. Anyway, a lit torch while mounted would be a good thing.


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Hi there,
Horse can follow just some paths, because some paths have special atribute, those which horse cannot follow will yet this atribute gain, or they are so insignificant (narrow forrest pats etc) that they wont get this atribute at all.

Otherwise Horse will be going through many changes yet (especially animation).

As to controlls, stealing and overall fuction design, I am passing this to designer department as feedback.

Thank you for your contribution and have a nice day.

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