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RFE for directions to ???

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Characters seem to have fixed in their head a particular response to requests for directions. Ie "Where is the bath house?" "Where is the tanner's house?" "Where is the quarry?"
Instead of having responses wired to characters (assuming this is the case and they're not just wired to questions), how about wiring responses to where the person being queried is located.
So asking where the tanner lives while standing in the quarry would give more sensible directions than "last house on the left side of the creek".
As if you guys don't have enough to do already...


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There are more like that
- it's impossible to talk to quest people before asking for Adela and getting some clues ... you can't talk to them directly by accident
- asking guy chopping wood in bathhouse - what's her name? Adela, I think - fine, i guess he haven't found courage to ask or can't recall anything due to smoking illegal stuff
- talking to random guy in the village or on the road - what are you doing ... blah, blah, haven't you ever seen an anvil? smiting ofc.
- who's in charge here? robard ... where can i find him? in a camp .... perfect, there are 20 soldiers wandering around and they are all nearly the same ... so after asking 30 times you can find the right guy

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