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Waiting while sleeping

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DonĀ“t know wether it is a bug or it is normal. The time I have to wait, while my character is sleeping, is much too Long. For 9 hours I had to wait about 5 Minutes.

Is there a Chance to quit the sleeping?


#1 Updated by Backer lieste over 3 years ago

1) This is highly unoptimised, and the AI calculations are the reason for the slow advancement, not a design choice.
2) You can always exit the sleeping state once you have got enough benefit from it. (Esc iirc, but look for key prompts as well the the help page in game - it should say somewhere).

It isn't too bad though, as it is an excuse to get up, stretch legs, have a pee/make coffee. Not good to stay sat in front of PC for too long ;) <Think positive>

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As Lieste says
Timeskip/sleep can be interuppted by "esc".

Have a nice day

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