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Saving game after fleeing combat

Added by Backer grypen over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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I was scouting the bandit camp in the main quest at night. Could not see shit, so naturally I run into some guards. I kill one and then decided to run away. I run for quite a while before running into some other guard in the woods (don't know if he was a bandit but whatever) who draws his blade and i kill him. At this point the combat music stops and the normal music comes back. There is just one problem, the game thinks i am still in combat so I can't save game. The text is blurred out. Waited for about 30 min and then just turned the game off (and yes I sheathed weapon). Is there no aggressive range in this game? Cause it sure as hell needs one.

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#1 Updated by Backer dynanik over 3 years ago

Ye, same here! This happens from time to time. Sometimes the combat music won't stop while the combat was still over...but then I was at least able to save my game.

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#2 Updated by Daniel Zadák over 3 years ago

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Hi Grypen,

this is something that's being worked on. At the moment there is an issue where being seen by several enemies results in an "endless combat". If you however kill all of those who have originally seen you, the combat should end. Will definitely get fixed for the gold version.



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