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Things that annoy me...(attention, bad english inside ^^)

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- The eyes from some NPCs (specially Henrys) looks like from sightless people, don't know...maybe the eye texture itself or the normal map is much to gray
- The collisionsound is very annoying (stolen from DAYZ?!? xD)...and why i loose stamina when I collide with some objects or NPSc??
- NPCs chilling and sleeping in the pouring rain
- 3RD Person swith while collecting herbs, totally breaks immersion for me
- At Morning/Evening when the sun goes down its pitch-black immediately ...but the skybox still shows indirect sunlight
- At night its toooooo fuuuu***** dark! I realy love dark nights in FPS RPGs like Skyrim and Fallout (I allways use "Darker Nights" Mods or ENB with corresponding settings for suchlike games) but this is hardcore. Please add moonlight/direct lighning for the night and a nice star-spattered skybox!

Sincerely yours =)


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Backer dynanik wrote:

- 3RD Person switch while collecting herbs, totally breaks immersion for me

I feel the same way.

#2 Updated by Backer dynanik over 3 years ago

Ah just forgot...

- why I got a crosshair dot while running, riding and fighting...but not while aiming with the bow??

I would recommend to remove the crosshair while walking and should activate only when drawing an impact weapon!

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Thank you guys for your feedback,

I passed it onto the designers and now it's up to them how they handle it :) Although lot of the feedback is usually on point, sometimes we are also limited by the technical side of things but naturally we will try to tweak them if possible.

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